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A client’s words about Nancy:

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NANCY DORSCHT – Certified Dr. Vodder Therapist, Custom Garment Fitting, Compression Garments, LMT.

“I love Nancy, she is one of the sweetest people I have met. When I went to her and showed her my legs she was honest and said, “I cannot diagnose you because I’m not a doctor, but I believe I can help” and help she did. The shelf that was once around my ankles are all but gone now and my skin on my legs feel so much better. She didn’t stop there, she went and spent hours consulting with others in the lymphedema field to make sure I do what is right to keep myself healthy (I have never had anyone do that for me before). I am blessed and grateful that she came into my life, and while I know my treatment will be there for the rest of my life I also know that she is there to help me, the greatest blessing I can receive!

Unparalleled Training and Mentorship

Certified Manual Lymphatic Therapist – Dr. Vodder International School
Certified – International Aesthetic Sculpture Face Lifting Massage School
Certified Connective Tissue Therapist – ASTECC 

Nancy has been mentored by two of the best Manual Lymphatic Drainage therapists in the world. One mentor, in her early 90’s, the other in her mid 70’s. Both mentors have taught at Dr. Vodder’s schools in the US and internationally. Their tremendous experience has been imparted to Nancy through exchanging therapy so Nancy knows what excellent MLD feels like on both the giving and receiving sides. Nancy is able to discuss/review cases with both mentors to expand her understanding and effectiveness in helping others. Few if any, therapists have such a resource pool and support network to enrich their level of client care.

Nancy is the ONLY Dr. Vodder certified therapist in Colorado Springs and the surrounding area. Her Dr. Vodder training offered the most extensive program available in North America. Nancy was taught the original Dr. Vodder method of Manual Lymph Drainage. Included in her training was a full lymphedema care program with time spent learning orthopedic applications, treatment of soft tissue injuries, RSD, ulceration and skin conditions.

Nancy’s certification is from the Dr. Vodder School International, the only program that teaches the original, unadulterated version of the Vodder technique. As a result of her training and mentorship, Nancy has excellent hands, precision, and a lightness of touch that enables her to provide relaxation and pain reduction in addition to a positive drainage effect.


A unique blend of natural rejuvenation and manual correction that is dubbed ‘nature’s answer to botox’ and praised by A-list celebrities, beauty bloggers, actors, and many people just like you who prefer a natural alternative to chemicals and invasive lifting procedures.

Nancy received her International Aesthetic Sculpture Face Lifting Certification from Yakov Gershkovich, the author, creator, and master trainer of the Sculptural Face Lifting Method.

Yakov is the leading specialist in the field of facial aesthetics in Israel and has been a sought after teacher worldwide since 2010.

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The services offered by Nancy have helped her clients with:

Arthritis, breast drainage/health, chronic fatigue, concussions, constipation, C-sections, cosmetic surgery, cortisol (decreased production), dental issues (wisdom teeth/root canal/periodontal disease), depression, detoxification support, ears (chronic infection), facial edema, fibromyalgia, hysterectomy, IBS, immune system boosting, lipedema, liposuction, Lyme disease, lymphedema, migraines, multiple sclerosis, neuropathy, orthopedic surgery, sinus congestion, sprains/strain, stroke, surgery (pre & post), TBI, wellness.


If you have a (diagnosed) condition that requires a series of treatments or prolonged care, Nancy will consult with you to develop a plan, schedule and package pricing. Otherwise, standalone services and pricing are listed below.

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Online scheduling/payment allows you to schedule appointments up to 60 days in advance. If you wish to be added to the cancellation list please use the contact form.

  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage (full body or problem areas)
    15 min.  $25    –    30 min.  $50
    45 min.  $75    –    60 min.  $90
  • Deluxe Manual Lymphatic Drainage (includes: 9 lymphatic supporting essential oils, hot compresses, and treatment of key drainage areas)
    90 min.  $140


“I see a dramatic difference in my face since the facial treatments. My face has softened as have all of my lines. My jawline was drooping giving me a marionette look. These treatments have made my jawline more smooth. It feels like a wonderful indulgence even though you are truly helping your body and lymphatic system heal! And Nancy is just the absolute sweetest!” Christi T.

  • Face Sculpting/Lymph Combo
    45 min. $125  60 min.  $160    –    90 min.  $225

Lifting                           Deep relaxation of the facial muscles and TMJ
Sculpting                     Softening of fine lines and wrinkles
Definition                    Stimulation of collagen and elastin
Detoxification           Smooth and supple skin

  • Custom Fitting Compression Garments
  • Compression Garments

  • Detox Foot Bath
    Each session is 30 minutes in length.
    1 session $30

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I recommend this to anyone looking to improve health. I have a very difficult medical situation and Doctors have not been able to help…after just two months with Nancy, I have lost 20 lbs of excess water, improved my sleep, also a new technique she just learned has also removed most of the lower back pain after just two treatments, and allowed me more mobility. I have had a stroke, cancer, and lost a kidney so we are only meeting once a week for 30 min. so that we do not overload my good kidney, and the improvement just from that limited time has been great.
– Beckie Ford

Can’t say enough wonderful things about Nancy and what she does. After suffering from a long list of chronic issues and autoimmune disease for over 30 years I had mostly learned to live in pain. I didn’t even realize how much pain I had been in until after seeing Nancy. Keeping the lymphatic system in working order can have a huge positive impact on so many things from digestive issues and migraines to fibromyalgia and plantar fasciitis. I am so grateful to have found Nancy and to
be blessed by the work of her hands.

– Susan McCreedy

Nancy is so amazing – I have battled autoimmune issues for more than a decade and her Lymphatic Drainage massage has made a huge difference in my quality of life.
My pain and swelling have been dramatically reduced and I’m thrilled!
I’m so thankful that I found her!
– Stephanie Ellis

Love Nancy she is one of the sweetest people I have met…when I went to her and showed her my legs she was honest and said I cannot diagnose you cause I’m not a doctor, but I believe I can help, and help she did. The shelf that was once around my ankles are all but gone now and my skin on my legs feel so much better.

She didn’t stop there she went and spent hours consulting with others in the lymphedema field to make sure I do what is right to keep myself healthy (I have never had anyone do that for me before)

I am blessed and grateful that she came into my life, and while I know my treatment will be there for the rest of my life know she is there to help me is the greatest blessing I can receive.
– Karen Burghard

Over the years many doctors showed concern over my swollen lymph nodes, but no one could explain the cause or recommend any solutions. I happened to have picked up Nancy’s card at my dentist office out of curiosity, and after a mammogram found several lumps I decided to call to see if she could help me. Nancy discovered that I have a sluggish lymphatic system that benefits from manual drainage. I’ve seen Nancy for about 8 months and during that time my health has improved greatly, and we’ve made great progress in reducing and/or eliminating several lumps in my breasts.
Nancy is truly a gifted healer and has a heart of gold!
– Erin Brawner

Nancy is amazing! She has made a huge difference in how I feel.
I highly suggest you try her and enjoy the benefits!

– Cindy Epstein-Slater

Amazing!! I had never heard of Lymphatic Therapy until I met Nancy. I was dealing with some swelling and was led to seek her out. She is genuinely a Godsend!  She explained in layman terms, the Lymphatic system and its purpose. With all the stress and busyness that life throws at us and our bodies, it’s such a blessing to know that I was led to someone to help “unclog” my drainage system so that I can truly be that fountain of Living Water…..freely flowing!
Michelle Coromina

I have completed four sessions with Nancy and every single one of them moved me into more sustainable energy, recognizable health gains and such professional care that blessed me immensely. Do this for yourself and your health. So many aspects of healing are hidden in these treatments, dental, mobility issues, hidden pain, digestive issues, sinus, oh so many. Nancy finished with a spectacular treatment with essential oils that I will not forget for a long time. Here’s to your health! Cheers! Nancy, you and your hands are gifted!
– Luna Bell

I’ve just spent the most beautiful 3 days getting to know Nancy & having Lymphatic Drainage Treatments. It’s been amazing what I’ve experienced in the few short days I’ve known her & the work that she does. The first day I went I was trying to come down with an upper respiratory infection. With the lymphatic drainage inside the pallet of my mouth, Nancy was able to immediately start the process of my sinuses draining and opening up. Over the course of the next two days, I’ve literally felt the very best anyone could feel while fighting off infection. Other things that I noticed was: I was walking better (after-effects of a stroke), more mental clarity, more motivation, I slept like a baby, & felt 10 pounds lighter after getting the lymphatic system to drain. There’s no doubt in my mind that God put this beautiful
spiritually led woman in my path at this exact time in my life.
I praise God for her and the work that she’s doing.

– Tammy Westerman-Pryor

I had knee surgery after tearing my ACL and meniscus, and after each massage session with Nancy, the swelling and pain in my knee decreased dramatically. I had a greater range of motion, my knee felt light with less pressure, my pain was diminished, and I was able to walk without a limp! This has been an incredible experience, and I know that this therapy is helping my recovery immensely! Thank you so much, Nancy, your work is truly incredible!
– Kierra Mattingly

Nancy has holy hands! If my body could talk, it would say a HUGE thank you for the effective lymphatic massage as well as deep tissue massage. Both were delivered with love, kindness and professional expertise. I heartily endorse Nancy!
– Leta Copeland Van Meter

After one session of Manual Lymphatic Draining the swelling around my eyes and mouth decreased dramatically. I could open my eyes easily and witnessed a visible decrease in my overall facial swelling. I had come to Nancy with significant facial swelling, digestive discomfort, and fatigue after several weeks of stressful circumstances. I felt deep relaxation and significant stress reduction through my entire body. The gentle rhythmic treatment is different than the typical massage I’ve received from Nancy. Manual Lymphatic Drainage treats a whole different system and I was really satisfied with the results. The next day I found I had lost five pounds and was delightfully surprised.

Nancy is an absolute blessing in everything she does. Her in-depth knowledge makes for a thorough, effective, not to mention relaxing massage. She truly brings a touch of grace to all she and would highly highly recommend her. 
– Candace Owen

Nancy is a gifted massage therapist. She has amazing ‘body sense’ combined with her chiropractic and massage knowledge which enables her to address problem areas and bring relief… Not just a “feel good” massage but healing.
– Judy Hanke

Nancy is exceptional! What a treasure to find someone so incredibly knowledgeable about the body and who also simply blesses and encourages you as you relax.
– Barbara Davis Gooden

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You may contact Nancy Dorscht via phone or email. Because Nancy is often in a
therapy session please leave a voice message when calling and allow 24-36
hours for her to respond to your call or text.  719.648.4678

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Appointments are at Nancy’s home office:
2257 Havenridge Dr. Colorado Springs 80920

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